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Published on July 12, 2012

Michael MontgomeryMichael Montgomery, M.D.

Chairman, Board of Trustees
North Kansas City Hospital
News Conference Comments—July 12, 2012

Good afternoon and thank you for coming.  My name is Dr. Michael Montgomery and I am Chairman of the Board of Trustees of North Kansas City Hospital.  With me today are my colleagues on the Board as well as David Carpenter, the outgoing president and CEO of the Hospital, and Peggy Schmitt, the incoming president and CEO of the Hospital. And finally, Doug Irmen and Courtney Koger, the Board’s legal counsel from the Kansas City firm of Kutak Rock. Peggy and I will have brief comments and then we will be happy to answer any questions. We will have handouts for each of you as well.

During the week of June 18th, the North Kansas City Hospital Board of Trustees and Administration learned, for the first time, that the City Council of North Kansas City had been discussing for a period of a few months their intention to try to sell North Kansas City Hospital.

At no time during that period did the Mayor, City Council or any other city official contact the Board of Trustees of the Hospital, the CEO or any hospital executive about these discussions or their intention to try to sell the Hospital. On June 20th, the Board of Trustees of the Hospital and members of the executive team met with the Mayor and City Council of North Kansas City to learn more about the private discussions they had been conducting. We left that meeting and directed our legal counsel to determine whether or not the city had the authority to sell this Hospital. We believed from the beginning that they did not have the authority to do so.

Since then, the Hospital’s legal counsel has done the due diligence necessary to make a clear recommendation to the Board of Trustees. They presented that information to us last night and the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to authorize our legal team to take all actions necessary to prevent any attempt by the City Council to sell North Kansas City Hospital.
At the Board’s request, our legal team today asked the city to cease their attempt to sell the Hospital. The City has refused that request to back off from their plan in order to allow time for the Board and the City to have discussions and explore possible avenues to work together and avoid litigation. Because of their denial of our request, the North Kansas City Hospital Board of Trustees has filed legal proceedings to request an injunction to stop further efforts regarding the sale of the Hospital.

Let me be clear today. The Board of Trustees of North Kansas City Hospital intends to take whatever legal steps are necessary to preserve what the voters of North Kansas City established a half a century ago. Northland citizens have come to count on this Hospital for high-quality health care and exceptional community service. There is no conceivable scenario whereby the sale of North Kansas City Hospital would improve the care and service this Hospital delivers each and every day.

As Chairman of the Board, I have the privilege of working directly with the leadership and staff of North Kansas City Hospital. As a physician myself, I understand and see every day the dedication of the people who work here. We have been blessed with great leadership over the past 14 years from our outgoing CEO, David Carpenter. And everyone connected with the Hospital is thrilled that our new CEO, Peggy Schmitt is ready to continue that leadership.

Peggy SchmittPeggy Schmitt

Incoming President and Chief Executive Officer
North Kansas City Hospital
News Conference Comments—July 12, 2012

Hello, my name is Peggy Schmitt.  For the past 19 years, it has been my privilege to be North Kansas City Hospital’s Vice President & General Counsel.  In one week, I will have the honor of becoming Chief Executive Officer of North Kansas City Hospital.
David Carpenter, who is retiring after 14 years as our outstanding CEO, is also with us today.  Thank you, David, for all you’ve done for the hospital and for the Northland community–we really appreciate it.
On behalf of the patients, employees, physicians, and other health care providers of North Kansas City Hospital, I would like to thank the Board of Trustees for the commitment it has made to challenge the right to sell North Kansas City Hospital. 
As Dr. Montgomery just described, that challenge will be decided through our judicial system.   As that challenge takes place, I want everyone to know that North Kansas City Hospital is absolutely committed to continuing to provide high-quality health care in the same professional and caring way we have for over 54 years.  Please rest assured, if your physician refers you here for an outpatient test, for surgery or for inpatient care, or if you need emergency care and come to our Emergency Room, or if any other circumstance brings you to North Kansas City Hospital, we will be here to care for you.