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Chip In Recipients

2015 Chip In For Charity recipients have been selected. Here's some information about each:

Earnest Shepherd Memorial Youth Center (ESMYC)

Earnest Shepherd Memorial Youth CenterThis organization has touched the lives of more than one million youth in the past 53 years. The Youth Center provides leadership, educational and recreational programs and facilities that offer opportunities for youth to develop. ESMYC creates programs that identify individual strengths and improve peer/family interactions. An average of 850 volunteers a year assist in creating a learning laboratory for youth to practice communication, strengthen emotional competencies (patience, adaptability, etc.) and develop leadership skills, while keeping the costs love. These community-based programs serve to create healthy citizens., healthy citizens give back to their community.

Rebuilding Together Clay County (RTCC)

Rebuilding Together Clay CountyRTCC's Safe at Home program strives to create safe and healthy living environments for veterans, seniors and people living with disabilities. They accomplish this goal by installing home safety and accessibility modifications, such as wheelchair ramps. low-rise steps, accessible showers, toilet risers, grab bars, handrails and more. Since its inception in 2001, RTCC has provided essential repairs and safety modifications to more than 450 homes. Many of the modifications are completed by skilled and trained volunteers.

The Farmer's House

The Farmer's HouseDedicated to planting seeds of encouragement, support and hope, The Farmer's House provides a variety of programs for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. (the Farmers) in both an urban and a rural farm setting in the Weston, MO area. A supportive, positive environment is the foundation of the structured programs which focus on the acquisition and retention of a variety of skills with a vocational, transitional and recreational focus. The Farmer's House programs are structured around community integrated, small business models so Farmers gain hands on skills through exploration and participation.