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KCCC - Now is the Time

Kansas City Corporate Challenge

  • KCCC - Now is the Time
  • Kickoff Walk
  • Kickoff Walk
  • 5k
  • 5k - Matt Heintz and Lisa Pennington
  • Dodgeball Team - 1st Place!
  • Men's Golf - Kevin Phillips and Jerome Mikle
  • Softball Team - 4th Place!
  • Volleyball
  • Women's Golf
  • Men's Soccer

Now is the Time for Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) as our athletes compete against employees from other Kansas City companies. Visit this site for updates on competition results, event photos and much more.

Why Participate?

  • Free t-shirt! All participants, (including the 1-mile walkers), and all volunteers will receive the NKCH t-shirt.
  • Earn a Jean's Day! Compete in three events to wear jeans at the KCCC post-awards party.
  • Be healthy and active!
  • Meet other employees within the hospital and have fun with co-workers.
  • It is free for you!

Join the Fun and Games!

NKCH Results

5k Ryan Behrens 6th
Patricia Brown

Claire Crain

Mike Cruz


David Ebelke 3rd
Tiffany Graybill

Matt Heintz

Scott McMillen

Haley Pankau

Lisa Pennington

Janine Ramirez

Susan Reichert

Tiffani Schwab

Stefanie Smith

Teresa Spencer

Joe Strano 41st
Kelly Vandendaele 31st
Barabara Vodopest

Sarah Winter

Darts Ethan Holle, Carolyn Gazdziak
Disc Golf Nicole Becker, Stacey Schultz

Mike Cruz

3rd Place
Dodge Ball Team Nicole Becker, Karrie Pence, Austin Moats, Kayla Adamson, Justin McFarland, Darien Blakeney, Michelle Stevenson, Russann Ruch-Mekonen 1st Place
Horseshoes Glennis Fuller
Men's Golf Kevin Phillips, Jerome Mikle
Pool Cindy Hernandez
Softball Team Justin McFarland, Christy Williams, Russann Ruch-Mekonen, Jenny Collins, Michelle Stevenson, Keri Lorbert, Karrie Pence, Mike McClure, Austin Moats, Neeley Woods, Aaron Woods, Angie Heinen, Joe Janasz, Kevin Phillips 4th Place
Tennis Singles Kevin Phillips

Nora Jones

Tied 5th Place
Trapshooting Sharon Lutz

Nick Scott

5th Place
Volleyball Team Angie Heinen, Karrie Pence, Alyssa Moran, Russann Ruch, Jenna Meyer, Stefanie Howard, Kayla Adamson
Women's Golf Michele Wolf and Debra Mobley
Men's Soccer

2015 results

Important Dates

Event Details - Need a Sub?

Sign Up, Show Up

Now that you've signed up to participate, it is important that you show up for events and know what is required. Time and effort goes into scheduling each event to ensure the games run smoothly. Forfeits upset the scheduled event and take away from the spirit and competition of the games. Penalty points will be assessed to those individuals or teams who do not show up for a bracketed event (or golf).

ID Required

Bring your ID in case you need to provide it. If you are unable to show an ID at your event, you will be forfeited from the game.


If you're unable to participate in an event, you can get a substitute. If you registered in Challenge Manager (and are in the same age group) you can still signup for an event. If you need help finding a sub, email Paula Nigro.


When are the KCCC events held?

KCCC events are held for 9 weeks from late April through June. Events take place on weekdays and weekends. Weekday events begin after 5 pm and weekend events run throughout the day.

What is Challenge Manager and why does it require my birthdate?

KCCC created this online software to allow employees to create a profile, sign an electronic waiver and select events. It connects each company with their employees.

Several of the KCCC events are divided into age categories for participation, scoring and medal distribution. Submitting your birth year in Challenge Manager enables you to compete in the appropriate age category. All participants compete based on their age as of December 31, 2016.

How does KCCC handle event cancellations?

Since weather can be different throughout the metro area, please check the rainout line, 913.312.8843. It is updated with a message, if an event is cancelled. If there is no message, the event remains as scheduled. Delays will be handled onsite.

How do I get my award?

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS - Medals are awarded to the top three finishers in each event. Most medals are awarded onsite, after the event.

TEAM AWARDS - Team awards will be given to the top eight companies in each division. These awards will be presented at the KCCC Awards Celebration.

Share & Stay Updated


Share your pride and excitement with others by sending your photos to Jodi Rawson to post on the hospital’s social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


With the Instagram app on your smart phones, use the hashtag #KCCChallenge and your pictures will be instantly uploaded to the KCCC Instagram Gallery. Please note: your Instagram profile must be public in order for the pictures to upload to the KCCC website.

Additionally, KCCC has a Facebook page containing event information, updates and picture albums. KCCC also has a Twitter account and YouTube channel with various content and videos concerning the games.

Volunteers Needed

Help coordinate swimmers at the Gladstone Community Center. We need 6 people for 3 nights.

June 20-22, 5:20-10 p.m.

You can bring someone along, volunteers do not have to be NKCH employees, but must be at least 19 years old.

Contact Paula for more info, ext. 2593.

KC Corporate Challenge