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2012 DAISY Award Winners

 November Cassie

Her patient said, "You couldn't ask for a better nurse. She was so caring, informative and knew very well what had to be done."












A patient's wife said, "Laura was attentive and had a great sense of humor. She took time for the small stuff and that showed she cared. She really helped to lighten my husband's mood and nerves."










A patient's daughter thanked Maggie for going above and beyond for her father. "In his fnal stage of cancer Maggie was kind, gentle and compassionate and always responded in the most caring and loving way."










A fellow coworker said, "Carrie is consistantly compassionate and caring. She always makes her patients comfortable and is respectful to other staff; a complete team player. She is an excellent example of the dedicated nurse, quietly doing her job in a way that honors the nursing profession.









A patient's wife said, "My husband was having lots of tests and our lives were about to be changed forever. Brooke was a constant for us for three days. Her pretty, sweet smile and positive, optimistic care were invaluable. We feel blessed to have had her in our lives."









A new mother said, "Jen was great to us during our stay after the birth of our daughter. She was very attentive and answered all our questions, with a ton of patience. She helped make our/my recovery experience a great one!" 










Carla has been working as an orthopedic nurse for over 30 years. A nursing peer said, "her time management skills as well as her orthopedic expertise are legendary. She is such a caring nurse and my 'go-to' person when I have questions." 









A coworker had many wonderful stories to share about Emily. Not only the type of caregiver and worker she is, but of the kind of person that selflessly gives her all. She said, "Emily makes us feel safe, comfortable, happy, and that we are in extremely capable hands. She is a natural as a nurse and as a leader." 








A nurse who works alongside Ameera said, "Ameera is caring, compassionate, respectful, intuitive, and a great team player. She is always consistent in the provision of high-quality and skillful care. Ameera is truly an inspiration for all nurses, new and seasoned, and a very valuable resource for our floor."








A fellow coworker said, "Denise is an excellent nurse and mentor. She helps anyone who needs a hand without expecting anything in return. And she always does it with a smile on her face."











A coworker feels lucky to be on the same team as Jennifer stating when she had a patient in an emergency situation, Jenni stayed calm and called for the appropriate help. This family agrees that she did an outstanding job handling their care. They said, "her bedside presence saved our daughter and granddaughter's life."