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Rehabilitation & Fatigue Management

Combatting Cancer-Related Fatigue

Battling cancer can wear you down and cause extreme fatigue—fatigue that may not end after cancer treatment.

North Kansas City Hospital started the first program in Kansas City to help individuals cope with fatigue both during and after treatment. Our unique Cancer Rehabilitation and Fatigue Management Program provides patients with an individualized plan aimed at reducing fatigue and restoring quality of life. The program includes:

  • Research-based, individualized cancer rehabilitation, including a monitored exercise program
  • Access to physical and occupational therapists
  • Safe, comfortable treamtent environment

In this video, Bobby Eden fulfills a dream to skydive. At one point during his battle with cancer, he was confined to a wheelchair, too weak to walk. After working with Mary in the Cancer Rehab and Fatigue Management program, he's able to check this one off the bucket list.

Helping Others Manage Fatigue

Fatigue is an issue related to cancer care but can also be a problem for patients who have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome to name a few. The professionals involved with our Fatigue Management program can help with your physical and mental health, at a time when you need it most. Each patient receives individual treatment in a private gym setting that includes activities that are paced for success.  

Program Information

A physician's referral is required to participate in the program. Costs may be reimbursed by Medicare or private insurance.

For more information, call 816-691-1580.

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