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Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit (CCDU)

The most experienced, comprehensive and advanced cardiac center in the Northland is taking services to another level with the Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit (CCDU). The facility is an 18-bed unit with 4 outpatient exam rooms, 1 procedure room and consultation rooms dedicated to patients with cardiac issues who requires additional diagnostic services or brief interventions.

The CCDU further enhances the level of services provided to the community by focusing on a heart failure clinic, advanced cardiac imaging services and a dedicated area for patients with cardiac symptoms.

The CCDU is a unique hospital-unit to the Kansas City area dedicated to rapid, efficient, cost-effective evaluation and treatment of:

    • low-risk chest pain patients that don't require immediate Cath Lab intervention
    • new-onset atrial fibrillation
    • first fainting episodes or syncope
    • mild heart failure

Cardiac Imaging

A new PET/CT scanner will consolidate imaging services and bring advanced imaging capabilities for diagnosing cardiac conditions. The one test evaluates blood flow through the heart while viewing the heart’s anatomy.

The cardiac PET/CT scanner will allow for more accurate noninvasive cardiac imaging which will help better identify patients with coronary disease and better select patients who can benefit from a cardiac catheterization. This increased accuracy has been shown to overall decrease costs and improve outcomes.

Another benefit to a quicker exam means reduced exposure to the radioactive substance used for all imaging tests. Instead of three hours of exposure, the technology decreases that time to about 30 minutes.

An Extension of the ER

Someone suffering a heart attack requires quick care for the best outcome. But often, a cardiac condition isn’t so easily diagnosed and more time may be required for monitoring. Typically this evaluation is done in the emergency department where physicians and staff see all types of patients. 

By moving these patients from the ER we keep the ER open for emergent patients and provide specialized care for cardiac conditions in a dedicated area. 

The CCDU specific protocols will allow for shortened stays because patients will be seen promptly and testing streamlined. Cardiac evaluations will have the advantage of oversight and management by cardiologists from Meritas Health Cardiology.

To learn more, call 816-691-3095.

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