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Cardiac Rehabilitation

People who experience a cardiac event often feel like they have been given a second chance. North Kansas City Hospital provides a cardiac rehabilitation program designed to support you in your healing process, both physically and emotionally. The program, which focuses on improving quality of life through heart healthy living, is available during your hospital stay. A physician referral is required for program participation. After your inpatient stay, the cardiac rehab team refers you to the appropriate outpatient program and healthy living classes.

Customized Cardiac Rehab

With guidance from your physician, the outpatient cardiac rehab team will develop an exercise plan just for you. This helps you safely meet your personal goals for daily activity, returning to work and recreation. We also teach you about the risk factors of cardiac disease and steps you can take to improve your risk profile. Through our comprehensive program, we help you prevent progression of your heart disease and enjoy a lifetime of optimum health. Our goal is to get you home and back to healthy, independent living.

Nationally Accredited

American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Cardiac Rehabilitation is a nationally accredited program as certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Contact Us

For questions about the Cardiac Rehab program, call 816-691-1575.

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Cardiac Rehab

A heart attack at 35 was a life-changer for Jason. Through Cardiac Rehab, he's now using his daily exercise time as a chance to catch up with his sons.

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