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Healthy Employees—Healthy Business

You care about the wellbeing of your employees—and so do we. Maintaining their physical and mental health helps everyone and boosts your company’s bottom line. At North Kansas City Hospital, we understand your business needs. We’ll partner with you to keep your workers healthy and help identify health issues before they become serious.

Workplace Wellness Resources

Resources we offer to help promote wellness in your workplace include:

  • Ergonomic evaluations – to help you assess your workplace
  • Flu shots
  • Health fairs – conducted at your site
  • Injury prevention classes
  • Onsite health assessments, health screenings and educational seminars
  • Speaker’s Bureau – providing health experts to speak on over 200 topics
  • Workers’ Rehab Center

Health & Wellness Tools

How healthy are you and your employees? Use our online health quizzes to find out.

Take advantage of these health and wellness tools to help your employees reach their personal health and wellness goals.

Alcohol and Your Body – Discover the effects of alcohol on your body organs

Body Mass Index Calculator – Calculate your body mass index

Cigarette Burndown – Get information on the effects of smoking on your body—and be a quitter!

Calorie Burner Calculator – Find out how many calories your body burns when you exercise

Germ Prevention – Get tips on germ prevention and effective hand washing

Healthy Weight Calculator – Find out how much exercise you need to balance the calories you consume

Heart Alert – Understand the risk factors for heart disease and the signs of heart attack

Ideal Weight Calculator – Calculate the ideal weight for your gender, body type and height

Meditation Room – Take a moment to recharge and reduce stress and tension

Mental Health Awareness Tool – Learn about common mental health disorders

Target Heart Rate Calculator – Find your target heart rate for healthy activity based on your age

Contact Us                

Look to the occupational health professionals at North Kansas City Hospital to partner with you in promoting wellness in your workplace.

To learn more about our services, contact Deborah Hall, Occupational Health Services Manager, at 816-691-1689.

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