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Spine & Back Surgery

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Back pain is the second most common type of pain in adults. When you injure your back, even if it’s a minor strain, the pain can make everyday life challenging. Most back injuries can be treated without surgery.

However, sometimes back injuries require surgery. North Kansas City Hospital’s back and spine surgeons have more than 20 years of proven results in the community. They practice evidenced-based medicine and work with other doctors to make your surgery experience and recovery as comfortable as possible. Plus, we are an Aetna Institute of Quality Orthopedic Care Facility for total joint replacement and spine surgery.

Our back and spine surgeons have access to advanced imaging technology, like the O-arm® imaging system, which lets them take 2-D and 3-D images during surgery. This capability increases procedure accuracy and patient safety and can lead to reduced recovery time.

Through our physician-led quality initiative, these surgeons can directly and positively impact the care you receive.

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If traditional treatment options don’t work, back or spine surgery may be necessary. We perform many different surgeries and procedures, including:

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Kassie Collins

Spinal surgery allowed Kassie to resume her active lifestyle. Read her story.