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Heart Attack Prevention Tips

They say prevention is the best medicine. And it's true, especially as it relates to heart health because once you've suffered a heart attack, the chances of suffering additional heart attacks goes up. So that's why we firmly believe the best way to survive a heart attack is to resuscitate healthy habits.

Healthy Habit Tip #1

Quit Smoking. If you smoke, your chances of having a heart attack doubles. If you stop, your risk drops by 50%.

Healthy Habit Tip #2

Start exercising. Studies show women who walked briskly for at least 2-3 hours week cut their risk of coronary heart disease by 30-40%,

Healthy Habit Tip #3

Diet to reach your optimal weight. Losing just 5-10% of your body weight favorably affects cholesterol, BP, blood sugar and other risk factors.

Healthy Habit Tip #4

Get plenty of sleep. The more sleep you get, the less stress and subsequent weight gain you put on your body.

Healthy Habit Tip #5

Take multi-vitamins and heart healthy supplements. Vitamins that include magnesium, Vitamin E + C, folic acid are especially important.

Heart disease comes in many forms. Know the facts.

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