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Sexual Wellness

Issues involving intimacy or sexuality are something women rarely discuss with each other or their physicians, yet more than 40% of women will experience some form of interruption to their sexual health at some point in their life. This interruption can be the result of medication, a medical condition or surgery, a birth or other life event, depression, fatigue or any number of factors. But, its impact is enough to cause interruption in your life and the enjoyment of your relationships.

Unfortunately there is a misconception that these problems are only imagined, that they are an inevitable process of aging or they are just an excuse to no longer participate in sexual activity. However, they are real – very real. So are the treatments and therapies that are available to address these issues.

Center for Sexual Wellness

There is a good chance your problem is fairly common and an equally good chance that it can be treated or alleviated. At the Center for Sexual Wellness, our goal is to help you attain the wonderful feeling about yourself and your relationship that comes with having a satisfying sex life.

What is the Center for Sexual Wellness?

The Center was a concept developed by Dr. Morgan to meet the growing needs of patients who have one or more sexual issues. Until now patients have not had an easily accessible option where they can seek help and openly discuss their sexual concerns with a provider that is trained and comfortable with this health concern. The Center for Sexual Wellness (CSW) is the first and only center in the area to provide an integrated medical and consultative approach to female sexual dysfunction.

What types of problems do we see?

At the Center we see women with a wide variety of sexual concerns. We treat women who are experiencing a lack of desire, either as a recent development or a lifelong problem. We see women who cannot become aroused or “turned on”, women who have pain in the labia and vagina, difficulty associated with intercourse, or who cannot have intercourse at all and women who are having orgasmic problems. Most women’s sexual problems fall into one of these categories although, occasionally one does not. In some cases it is difficult for the woman to define for herself what the problem is, although she knows something is wrong. We can help define the problem so that treatment may get started.

What treatment methods do we use?

We treat women using a wide variety of modalities including testosterone, progesterone and bioidentical estrogen. In addition we also use many transdermal, vaginal and oral medications. We work with dilators, self-stimulation devices and biofeedback. Consultative services of a vaginal/pelvic physical therapist and a certified sex therapist along with several cognitive therapists are available when needed. Occasionally, medications and invasive surgery may become necessary. Rest assured that you will be in excellent hands.

What will the first visit involve?

Your first visit to the Center for Sexual Wellness will be 45 to 60 minutes. You will complete a thorough medical history and pertinent questionnaires pertaining to your specific needs.

If it is necessary to obtain blood work or additional testing, this will be ordered. Often we will not be able to provide a treatment plan at the first visit. A follow up appointment may be scheduled to allow time for the testing results to arrive and be reviewed.

Who will be seeing me at the Center?

James H. Morgan, DO, FACOOG, serves as director of the Center and will be conducting your evaluation and coordinating your treatment plan. He is a board certified gynecologist who has practices in the Northland since 1991.

Dr. Morgan realized several years ago that issues involving sexual health were often not being addressed by health care providers. He then identified the leaders in the relatively new discipline of Sexual Medicine and has had the opportunity to spend considerable time one on one with these leaders. After completing a sexual medicine preceptorship as well as attending numerous courses, lectures and conferences regarding female sexual health care, Dr. Morgan is uniquely qualified and focused to thoroughly evaluate, treat and arrange consultative services, when necessary for his patients.

He is an active member in the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists as well as the North American Menopause Society. This allows his patients to receive the best care available.

Dr. Morgan realizes that sexual problems can be complicated, confusing and difficult to discuss. Therefore, we make every effort to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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To make an appointment at the Center for Sexual Wellness, call 816-452-3300.