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Community Benefit Report

Caring for Our Communities

North Kansas City Hospital’s commitment to caring for the community goes beyond providing quality healthcare. It also means supporting charities and organizations that are dedicated to making the Northland a healthier place to live and work. Improving the health of our community (print version)

CBR Number of Patients

Community Health & Wellness

Over 11,000 people participated in our community programs in our Fiscal Year 2018.

CBR Giving Back to the Community

Community Health Initiatives

The Community Health Needs Assessment helped NKCH choose three key initiatives to support. Data is based on Cycle Two (2016-2018).

Mental Health

Increase comprehensive mental health resources and programs to support mental health stability and wellness in the Northland.

Maternal Child Health

Improve the health outcomes of high mortality infant populations in Clay and Platte Counties.

Chronic Disease

Prevent chronic conditions in teens and young adults, and minimize the progression of chronic conditions in adults in the Northland.

CBR - Physician Referral & Health Information

Community Programs. Distinctions. Partnerships.

We take pride in being active in our community. But, we couldn't do it without the help of our valued partners.

Wellness Corner at NKC YMCA


Members of the North Kansas City YMCA can receive free education, health screenings and risk assessments from an NKCH nurses. Therapeutic massage services are also available.

Wellness Corner at Zona Rosa

Zona RosaNKCH's unofficial Club W "clubhouse," the 86th Street location is host to a variety of wellness-related community classes and events that promote healthy living.

Samuel U. Rodgers

Samuel U Rodgers Health Center

NKCH was selected by Rodgers Health as one of their 50th Anniversary Honorees for making a "significant impact in the Health Center's 50-year mission and work."
NKCH donates office space for the Samuel E. Rodgers Northland Prenatal and Pediatric Clinic, where expectant mothers who qualify for Medicaid have access to prenatal care and delivery services.

Northland CAPS

Northland CAPS

NKCH now hosts 100 students per day during the school year, up from 50 per day last year. The Northland CAPS program
offers hands on, career-oriented experiences for students in seven Northland school districts. NKCH also provides job shadow and internship opportunities for students in all five strands of the program.

Northland Health Alliance

Northlans Health Alliance LogoNKCH is one of several healthcare providers in the Northland that collaborated to develop and implement a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Clay and Platte Counties. NHA members and partners work together to improve access to care, prevent and manage chronic conditions and support mental health needs.

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