Nurse Residency Program

At North Kansas City Hospital we pride ourselves on having a work environment filled with compassion, teamwork and respect. We provide personally focused orientation and offer a variety of professional development activities to help ensure success as an RN at NKCH.

Our Nurse Residency Program helps new RNs gain the confidence and skills to successfully transition to professional nursing. During this program, new RNs will be supported by Nursing Directors, Clinical Education Specialists, Preceptors and Mentors.

Program Details

The Nurse Residency Program begins twice yearly, in April and September, as a one-year residency curriculum. Professional development activities include:

  • Human Resources and General Nursing Orientation Week One followed by Graduate Nurse Residency Program Orientation Week Two

  • Quarterly professional development offerings that combine lecture, case studies and discussion groups

  • Interprofessional orientation experiences

  • Education touchbacks sessions that focus on new and high risk clinical experiences

  • Formal Mentor Relationship Program

  • Final evidence-based project and stories of clinical experiences

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GNRP Benefits

  • Increase personal job satisfaction
  • Increase confidence in clinical practice
  • Build the foundation for effective decision-making skills and clinical judgment
  • Increase critical thinking skills
  • Enhance professional development
  • Decrease stress
  • Assist in building informal leaders
  • Provide and strengthen internal resources

Program Highlights

  • Develop strategies to incorporate evidence-based practice
  • Develop clinical leadership skills at the point of care
  • Formulate an individual career plan to promote life-long commitment to professional nursing
  • Recognize interprofessional clinicians’ contributions to patient outcomes
  • Gain appreciation of interprofessional clinicians’ impact on patient care and the healthcare team
  • Develop a collegial relationship with patient care team members
  • Demonstrate competence of technical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills
  • Inspire and build morale

Individualized Interprofessional Shadowing

You will spend 3–4 hours with clinicians who will share how they contribute to patient outcomes.

  • Case Management
  • Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Rehab Services to include PT & OT
  • Respiratory Therapy

Education Touchbacks

Focusing on New and High-Risk Clinical Experiences

  • Invasive line care
  • Blood product administration
  • Early recognition of sepsis
  • Heparin and insulin therapies
  • Notifying the physician and/or STAT Team
  • Inspiring and building morale

Professional Development

  • Clinical Caring: Cultivating Compassionate Care
  • Graduate Nurse Survival Skills
  • Plugging the Drain
  • The 4 A’s to Rise Above Moral Distress
  • Meaningful Documentation in a Nutshell
  • Numerous professional development and support opportunities are available through HealthStream, our Learning Management System (LMS)

Additional Information

  • Connect with peers multiple times throughout the year of your residency program.
  • Due to specialized classes and educational opportunities, some weeks may involve more than 36 hours and may consist of various shifts, not solely three 12-hour shifts. For instance, Education Touchbacks are 4-hour classes, Basic ECG Monitoring classes are 8 hours, and ACLS New Provider class is 8 hours.
  • The GNRP will include a combination of individual work, educational classes, completion of modules in the LMS, and participation in small group discussions.
  • Your evidence-based project may be done individually or as a small group—this is a time to let your creativity flow!

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