Published on September 01, 2018

Get Better Sooner

Recovering from major surgery is a bit like running a marathon. Patience and perseverance get you to the finish line, but it’s often a long road. North Kansas City Hospital is changing the post-surgery stretch for the better with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, or ERAS, protocols.

The internationally-recognized, evidence-based ERAS processes are a new way for patients and healthcare professionals to think about surgery. Working together, NKCH surgeons and staff follow established guidelines that can increase patient comfort, shorten the hospital stay, speed recovery time and help ensure an overall positive surgical experience. Guidelines focus on:

  • Helping people meet their pre-surgery nutritional needs
  • Limiting the use of opioids for pain management
  • Getting patients up and moving soon after surgery

“ERAS leads to reduced surgical complications and infections, fewer readmissions, better patient comfort, shorter hospital stays and improved outcomes,” Mangesh D. Oza, MD, with Meritas Health Comprehensive Surgery, said. “The key to success is the collaboration that takes place between several departments throughout the hospital.”

flow chart of enhanced recovery after surgery stepsCurrently, NKCH has ERAS protocols in place for colon resections, kidney surgeries, hysterectomies and orthopedic procedures. The hospital expects to expand the program to other surgery types. ERAS patients must follow strict guidelines before, during and after surgery. Your healthcare team will determine if you’re a candidate for the program.

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