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Published on June 01, 2018

Eat Smart at the Ballpark

Don’t set your diet up for a strikeout. Instead, hit a healthier home run and still have fun with these tips.

baseball and peanuts

Stadium Grub

  • Choose a turkey or chicken breast sandwich with BBQ sauce on the side.
  • Go green with The K’s new coconut chicken salad.
  • Grab some grilled fish tacos (also new at The K).
  • Skip the bun and mayo; load up on lettuce and tomato.
  • Say no to cheese, sour cream and bacon.
  • Get cracking on those peanuts. They take longer to shell, so you eat fewer.
  • Split a small French fry or share large portions.


  • Grill meat and veggie kabobs instead of burgers and hot dogs.
  • Go for guacamole and salsa with veggies instead of chips and dip.
  • Enjoy fresh fruit kabobs with a drizzle of chocolate.

"Delicious ballpark treats make the experience what it is,” Mikaela Groff, RD, said. “Indulging is part of the fun. Just go back to a balanced meal pattern the next day. As long as you’re not eating ballpark food every day, enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty.”

If your daily diet doesn’t hit a home run, explore our nutrition counseling services.