Published on June 05, 2019

Lung Cancer Testing: Is It for You?

What is the test?

During a low-dose CT lung cancer screening, special X-ray equipment connected to a computer takes detailed pictures of your lungs. The test is quick, painless and accurate.

Who should get tested?

“We recommend annual screening for anyone 55 and above who currently smokes or has a 30 pack-year history of smoking,” said Benjamin E. Northrup, MD, an NKCH radiologist. “Your doctor can help you decide if you should be screened.”

grandfather with toddler granddaughter lying on the grassWhat does it cost?

Most insurances companies cover the cost if you meet the criteria. Confirm coverage with your health plan before scheduling a screening.

What if the test finds something?

You and your primary care physician will receive the results. If they indicate lung cancer, your doctor will refer you to an NKCH lung cancer specialist who will work with you to find the best treatment option.

How do I schedule a screening?

Call North Kansas City Hospital’s Scheduling Office at 816.691.5267. A doctor’s order is required.

Lung Cancer Screening Criteria

If you answer yes to all four questions below, ask your doctor if a low-dose CT lung screening is right for you.

___ Age 55-77*?

___ Smoke or have smoked in the last 15 years?

___ Smoke or have smoked at least 30 pack-years?

___ No history of lung cancer?


_______x _______= ________

Years Smoked x Packs per Day = Pack-Years

*Medicare age range; check your health plan for non-Medicare age eligibility