Published on December 03, 2018

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Reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

Thanks to Pap smears and human papillomavirus tests, cases of cervical
are declining. Know what you need and when you need it.

Pap Smears and HPV Tests

These two common tests check different things.

A Pap smear checks cervical cells for any abnormalities. An HPV screening looks for the virus that puts you at risk for cervical cancer.

The OB-GYNs at Meritas Health Pavilion for Women can answer your questions about cervical health and many other women’s health topics.

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines By Age

Pap Smears and HPV Tests: What’s the Difference?

Pap smear
A Pap smear checks cervical cells for any abnormalities.

HPV test
HPV screening looks for the virus that puts you at risk for cervical cancer.

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