Non-Clinical Support Jobs

non-clinical support specialist You might not be familiar with medical imaging equipment or know how to insert an IV, but you are crucial to the delivery of excellent healthcare. Your friendliness, compassion, managerial skills, familiarity with the kitchen or knack for keeping things neat and clean can help us remain at the forefront of comprehensive personalized care. The non-clinical support staff of North Kansas City Hospital listens to one another. They are polite and respectful. They are open and honest. They also come together to make sure that our patients have everything they need to feel comfortable, safe and secure.  

If you are a non-clinical support professional, come work in a place where you’re acknowledged and appreciated on a regular basis. Advance your skills as you work in one of four different specialties:


The administrative staff of North Kansas City Hospital is the bridge between the business and clinical side of healthcare. Our administrative professionals keep the lines of communications open with our patients. They also make sure that we have the resources we need to provide the best care possible.  

Facilities and Housekeeping

Our facilities and housekeeping team is made up of groundskeeping, housekeeping, patient transport, physical plant and security professionals. Thanks to them, patients and their families are comfortable and safe around the clock.

Food Service

Our Food Service Department offers a wide variety of opportunities to those committed to providing our patients and customers with great food and expert nutrition support. If you are looking for a career that allows you to nourish our employees, patients and their families with great food, compassion and courtesy, you can find an exceptional opportunity here.


North Kansas City Hospital knows that an environment filled with cooperation, positivity and respect can produce great leaders. It can also help management professionals become even better leaders. If you are a management professional who is enthusiastic and committed to helping your peers succeed, we need leaders like you.

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“I have been shown a good deal of respect over the last four years. As part of my job, I have been involved in meetings fairly regularly with the highest members of administration. In that time, my input has always been treated with the same dignity and value as anyone else present in the meeting regardless of title or tenure. I try to offer that same respect to everyone I come in contact with.”

Security Supervisor