Administrative Jobs

administrative professionalDoctors, nurses and allied health professionals aren’t solely responsible for North Kansas City Hospital’s strong reputation for quality care. Our non-clinical support staff is also imperative for our success. The administrative staff of North Kansas City Hospital links the business and clinical sides of healthcare together. Our administrative professionals keep the lines of communications open with our patients. They assist our patients with billing concerns. They make sure medical records are current and in order. They greet visitors as they walk through the doors, and sometimes, they’re listening ears when patients just need someone to talk to. The administrative professionals of North Kansas City Hospital let patients know that they’re not just a claim or ID number—they matter to us. And we want to help in whatever way that we can.

The administrative team at North Kansas City Hospital is encouraged to be their very best. They work together so that all of our patients’ needs are met. They are supervised by managers who listen and respect them. And they collaborate with the medical staff and non-clinical support team to give patients the world-class treatment they deserve.

Administrative professionals here are encouraged to speak up when they spot opportunities for improvement with a process or a policy. And they are encouraged to take advantage of professional development opportunities so they can advance in their career.

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Human Resources Secretary, Jennifer

"Working in a number of departments gave me the opportunity to see the different sides of healthcare—from admissions, to patient placement, to cardiac care and the hiring process. Each department made me grow as an employee—and also as a person."

Human Resources Secretary