Facilities and Environmental Services Jobs

facilities and environmental services professionalWith 21,900 annual admissions, 102,435 annual outpatient visits, 1,859 annual births and the busiest Emergency Department in Kansas City for adult/pediatric care, it’s imperative that we keep our facilities presentable and secure at all times. North Kansas City Hospital’s Facilities and Environmental Services staff maintains the highest professional level of quality, cleanliness and protection with cheerful attitudes and warm smiles.

Environmental Services

Even though they might not interact with our patients directly, environmental services workers still contribute to the delivery of the outstanding patient care that we provide. A solid understanding of disinfection techniques is needed for environmental cleaning, especially in areas like our NICU, operating rooms, implant rooms and other technical areas. A safe and thoroughly cleaned facility prevents infection or additional costs for the Hospital.


Our security team works around the clock to protect our patients, their families, our staff and our facility. We rely on these dedicated individuals to help keep our reputation safe, defend us from external threats and respond to emergency situations—even if they do involve keys that were locked in a car. No matter what happens, our security professionals are always there and ready to assist in whatever way that they can.

Patient Transport

We see a lot of patients. And sometimes, they need a little help when it comes to getting to appointments, or just making it back to their rooms. The patient transport workers of North Kansas City Hospital are always there to get our patients to their intended destination quickly and safely. Their communication and collaboration are appreciated by healthcare providers—and our patients most of all.

Physical Plant

The physical plant staff of North Kansas City Hospital is responsible for maintaining our facility’s infrastructure. These highly trained individuals work behind the scenes to keep the Hospital’s heating and cooling systems, plumbing and power functioning. They also coordinate maintenance services like landscaping, snow removal and general construction. Our physical plant workers literally make North Kansas City Hospital look good, and their efforts definitely don’t go unnoticed.

Members of our Facilities and Environmental Services team receive one-on-one training that prepares them for their roles. Team members can also take advantage of online training, seminars, formal coursework and other continuing education.

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Environmental Services Team Member, Fuad

"The Hospital is remarkable because there are many career choices for everyone. There is always an opportunity to move up and become successful."

Environmental Services