Food and Nutrition Services Jobs

food and nutrition services workerA delicious and well-balanced meal can provide comfort for someone who might have had a tough day, or can make a good day even better. The Food and Nutrition Services team at North Kansas City Hospital is fully aware of this. Each day, they give our patients and their families a warm welcome through the food that they prepare and serve. They also provide the fuel that our staff needs to make it through the busiest days.

The registered dietitians of Food and Nutrition Services provide outpatient and inpatient counseling and assessments. They also provide health education for the community. Other Food and Nutrition Services professionals plan menus, prep food, cater events and even serve on some of the Hospital’s committees.

Food and Nutrition Services is a team-focused environment where employees can truly excel. Employees can move to other areas within the department to gain unique experience. And with the right training, an employee can become a Food and Nutrition Services supervisor or coordinator.

Roles within Food and Nutrition Services include:

  • Cafeteria Worker
  • Chef
  • Dietitian
  • Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor
  • Nutrition Care Associate
  • Office Clerk
  • Room Service Associate
  • Seasons Café Associate
  • Special Functions Worker
  • Storeroom Clerk

Training within the department is offered on a regular basis to ensure that our Food and Nutrition Services team members are comfortable with their duties. North Kansas City Hospital also provides continuing education assistance so employees can achieve their professional goals. Some of our employees have even received training to become sous chefs, dietary managers and registered dietitians.

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Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor, Kevin

"In my opinion, this hospital has a reputation of caring, not only for the patients, but also for the employees."

Food and Nutrition
Services Supervisor