A Mother’s Day Dream Come True

Sylvia and William

William, Sylvia and Baby Matteo with
OBGYN, Karen Bordson, DO and
reproductive endocrinologist,
Dan Gehlbach, MD

New mom Sylvia Carerro expects this Mother’s Day to be filled with joy and not the sadness she’s known in past years.

Sylvia and William Carerro’s journey to become parents started in 2010 and continued with many ups and downs. A sense of urgency guided their decisions because of Sylvia’s age, 31 and a medical problem that could recur and require a hysterectomy.

After suffering a miscarriage, Sylvia’s physician Karen Bordson, DO, referred her to board certified reproductive endocrinologist Dan Gehlbach, MD, with Midwest Reproductive Center.

Dr. Gehlbach says there is a misconception that all infertility care is high tech and expensive. “In reality, we help most couples get pregnant without technology using fertility medications, artificial insemination and minimally invasive procedures,” he explains. “I have the best job in the world because I help couples have families.”

Tests on both Sylvia and her husband came back normal with no explainable reasons for their difficulties.

Dr. Gehlbach prescribed fertility medications and a specialized procedure but the Carerro’s continued to experience problems. Throughout the process, Sylvia says she and her husband relied on each other because “only someone going through the pain can really understand where yours comes from.”

Unexpectedly, Sylvia became pregnant as the couple evaluated their next steps. Once learning of the good news, concern entered her thoughts. “You are so insecure and don’t know if you should be happy,” she remembers. “The first time I got pregnant my only worry was morning sickness or gaining weight. You lose that innocence once you’ve experienced a loss and now you know how much you want it.” 

Dr. Gehlbach believed low progesterone caused her inability to maintain a pregnancy, so he prescribed progesterone for the first trimester. After 10 weeks, she graduated from his specialized care to her obstetrician Karen Bordson, DO, with Meritas Health Obstetrics & Gynecology.

FamilyAfter a difficult beginning, Sylvia could finally enjoy the milestones of pregnancy like other women: decorating the nursery, feeling baby move and anxiously awaiting baby’s arrival. Mateo, also known as gift from God, made his mom and dad the happiest parents when he arrived on November 26, 2013.

Reflecting on her family’s journey, Sylvia says, “Our fertility troubles brought us closer as a couple and made our relationship even stronger. Even though you are hopeful for a happy ending, you have to realize that if it comes to that, your partner is enough of a family.”

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A Mother’s Day Dream Come True