Mother Gives Gift of Life to Her Daughter

Megan EbertMegan Ebert was 13 months old when her parents first realized something was wrong. Worried about a lingering infection, her mother, Sheri Ebert, a registered nurse in Mother/Baby, was shocked to learn Megan was in kidney failure.

Megan was suffering from Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) caused by strep pneumococcal pneumonia. While most children with HUS recover without permanent damage, Megan faced cardiac arrest, irreversible kidney damage and other permanent health problems. She was put on dialysis until she was old enough and healthy enough for a transplant. That day came when Megan was two years old. Both Sheri and her husband were matches for organ donation.

Today, Megan is 18, and her kidney is failing. Once again, she is on the organ waiting list. But that doesn’t slow her down. She’s still a spunky, sassy and happy girl. "I encourage everyone to get educated about organ donation," says Sheri. "You can give life and still lead a healthy, happy life of your own."

Mother Gives Gift of Life