New Breast Center Honor a First in Kansas City Area

Digital technology used for today’s mammograms is like watching high definition television. Clearer, crisper images make it easier for radiologists to find breast cancer sooner. A quicker discovery increases the odds of a successful recovery.

It’s the quality of mammograms and other breast care services that led the American College of Radiology to designate North Kansas City Hospital as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, the first Missouri hospital chosen in Kansas City.

The full accreditation covers mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided biopsy, all provided through Women’s Imaging at the Hospital’s Northland Women’s Center.

“Our program meets the organization’s highest standards which means that women who come here for mammograms or other services receive top-quality diagnostic testing and follow-up care,” says Radiologist Roger Ivey, MD.

Mammography is the most common screening tool for breast cancer and identifies 80 to 90 percent of breast cancer in non-symptomatic women.  

The Hospital’s four registered mammography technologists, like Dalene Odegaard, take pride in the high-quality services they provide and the first-class treatment they give patients.

In countless letters to the Hospital, women talk about their wonderful treatment and care. “The young lady who did my test was very good at what she does and in making sure I was comfortable,” responds a patient.

Another patient wrote, “It’s too bad other hospitals don’t learn from your personnel.”

Many women express surprise that their special treatment starts in the parking lot with reserved, close parking.

Others appreciate they check-in at the Women’s Imaging area which looks more like a spa and is separate from the general radiology area.

Beyond the comfortable setting is a breast care program led by over 50 years experience with other registered mammography technologists Rosemary Mannino, Hollee McGilton and Mary Malich, lead technologist.

As women, they understand how to interact with their female patients. Hollee McGilton says, “I always put myself in that person’s shoes and treat her how I want to be treated.”

What many patients remember most is the interaction with the technologist that starts with a welcome greeting in the waiting room. “During the exam, we talk with our patient and ask if she’s comfortable, if she needs anything, while of course, always maintaining her privacy,” explains Dalene.

Decorative furnishings, wood floors, soft gowns and warm wipes (to remove deodorant before testing) show women this facility is all about them.

Mary enjoys the patient contact and the satisfaction of her role in helping detect breast cancer.

Rosemary Mannino likes the one-on-one interaction in her job. “I enjoy developing a rapport with patients and you remember each other.”

Other members of the breast care team are Nurse Navigators Christine Robbins and Peggy Eldredge, who are both board-certified in breast care, and help coordinate care if more extensive testing is indicated.

The American Cancer Society recommends an annual mammogram for women over 40. Women with a family history or risk factors should talk with their physician about appropriate frequency. To schedule a mammogram with any of the Hospital’s technologists, call 816-691-5267.

Caption for Photo:

Registered Mammography Technologists (left to right) Dalene Odegaard, Mary Malich, Hollee McGilton and Rosemary Mannino receive many compliments from women for the ease and comfort of receiving their mammograms.

New Breast Center Honor a First in Kansas City Area