Price List and Cost Estimates

In compliance with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services hospital price transparency guidelines, effective January 1, 2019, North Kansas City Hospital is providing the links below to CSV files of our average charges and Chargemaster price lists. The prices do not always reflect all costs associated with the service and a single service may include multiple price lines. The price lists will be updated annually in July.

Average Charges by MSDRG (updated Jan. 1, 2019)

Chargemaster (updated July 1, 2019)

The prices on the lists are standard gross charges for services and do not reflect insurance discounts North Kansas City Hospital has negotiated with most of the insurers. To get an accurate estimate of your out of pocket expense, please request a price estimate by contacting the Revenue Integrity Department at 816.691.2541 or request a price estimate for services at North Kansas City Hospital. A price estimate includes the total price of your care, what is included in the price, and what is excluded from the price.

What factors affect the cost of my care?

There are many factors impacting the price of healthcare:

  • Insurance coverage - health plan coverage, including your deductible, copayment and coinsurance will determine how the costs of your healthcare are distributed between you and your health plan.
  • Network - health plans have different networks.

If you choose a provider in network, you will typically pay a lower price as these providers have an agreement with your health plan. If you choose a provider out of your plan’s network, you will usually have to pay a higher price

You will want to assess if the provider you are choosing is in your plan’s network and if not, what your total costs will be for using an out of network provider.

View the insurance plans accepted at North Kansas City Hospital.