Health Information Exchange

North Kansas City Hospital and Meritas Health are participating in a regional Health Information Exchange that promotes coordinated patient care.

What is HIE?

HIEHealth Information Exchange (HIE) allows participating regional healthcare professionals to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically.

Each of your healthcare providers has details about your health, but they are not connected. With HIE, your healthcare information is shared so that your providers can get a more comprehensive view of your health and provide the highest quality of care.

HIE Helps Improve Healthcare

Sharing your electronic patient information improves quality and coordination of care by allowing providers access to updated medical records. This enables them to make more informed decisions at the point of care and:

  • Increases patient safety
  • Results in less paperwork, allowing more time to focus on your health and treatment
  • Helps to avoid medication errors
  • Improves diagnoses and outcomes
  • Decreases duplicate testing, which potentially reduces costs
  • Supports emergency care


How is my patient health record being shared currently?

Healthcare providers already share patient health information through fax, secure email and mail when needed for your care.

Why not continue sharing by fax, phone and email?

These methods take time and can be burdensome on you and your providers. In addition, they fail to deliver your providers with thorough information.

Who will have access to my patient health information?

Your health information may be disclosed to participating providers in health information exchange for treatment and billing purposes.

What kind of patient health information will be shared?

The type of information shared will be patient information recorded June 2014 and after. This could include:

  • Name, birth date, address and gender to make sure your health information is entered into the correct record.
  • Medicines (prescriptions), allergies, lab and test results, medical reports (conditions and diagnoses) and vaccination history.

How is my patient health information protected?

North Kansas City Hospital follows the highest information security standards available. Providers must abide by federal and state laws related to privacy. Your name will not be sold or added to any mailing lists.

What if I don’t want to participate in HIE?

You have the choice to opt out of participating in Health Information Exchange. Your choice to opt out of HIE will not affect your access to medical care. Opting out of HIE will not impact the sharing of your information with your providers through other methods.

One Patient, One Record

Healthcare providers need your complete health information to accurately diagnose and treat you. Each of your providers may have different portions of your medical record or you may have to be seen by an emergency physician. If they can access each other’s records to see more comprehensive health information, they can provide you with improved care.

Opt Out

This is a global opt out for both North Kansas City Hospital and Meritas Health. If you wish to opt out of Health Information Exchange for North Kansas City Hospital or Meritas Health, you can submit this form.

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