Patient Education Channels

When you're a patient in the hospital, being involved and informed is an important part of your care and recovery. To help manage your health, we provide three patient education video resources available 24 hours a day. The more you know, the more confident you can be in your recovery during your stay with us and at home.

Your Stay Channel

The Your Stay Channel (Channel 24) features our Welcome video. Learn how to call your nurse, order room service, operate your bed controls and find hospital services. You'll also see how we make your safety a top priority. 

The Health Channel

The Patient ChannelThe Health Channel (Channel 26) provides educational programs about important health issues and how positive lifestyle changes can impact your health. After you leave the hospital, you'll have access to videos and program transcripts at PatientChannelNow.

The HeartCare Channel

The Heart ChannelIf you've experienced a heart-related event or stroke, the HeartCare Channel (Channel 27) delivers around-the-clock educational programming to support your recovery and long-term health goals. After you leave the hospital, you can access these videos and other resources at HeartCareChannelNow

The CARE Channel

The CARE Channel (Channel 25) brings a calming environment into your room with peaceful images and smoothing music. The 24-hour channel features day- and night-time programming, with up to 72 hours of nonrepetitive programming. The video below offers a sneak peek.