Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPOE?
CPOE is an acronym for Computerized Physician/Provider Order Entry and includes all physician orders for patient care from admission through discharge.

What are the benefits of CPOE?

  • Patient safety –Automated warnings for allergies and contraindications.
  • Faster treatment – Faster time from medication order to administration.
  • Patient safety –Improve reliability and utilization of data to support decisions, protocols and patient outcomes.
  • Efficiency – Reduced calls to physicians to clarify orders and instructions.
    Patient safety – Keyboard entries reduce the potential for missed or late orders.
  • Synergy - Simultaneous access to electronic patient records.
    Faster treatment – Faster turn-time from order entry to completion (e.g., lab, radiology, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Increased accuracy - Correct medication orders with no transcribing or interpreting.
  • Patient safety – Additional notifications and reminders to care team members for interventions and complying with quality practices and standards.

Does CPOE impact only the physician workflows?
CPOE changes how physicians order and reconcile medications and workflows for all team members for reviewing and carrying out orders for patient care.

Does CPOE help us meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements?
CPOE adoption rates for types of orders and automated clinical decision alerts have requirements for Meaningful Use at all stages. The importance of meeting these requirements is to improve patient safety and outcomes through the use of CPOE and EMR’s

Will CPOE decrease the amount of time it takes to care for my patients?
No, initially CPOE will take more time as this is a new method and model to be learned. CPOE also incorporates interaction and allergy checking and automated rules to reduce inappropriate interventions and could cause patient harm. CPOE often redistributes time back in the day for physicians as reduced time for call backs, clarification of orders, delays in care, to get results for further care decisions, and safe discharges for our patients.


Has CPOE been implemented elsewhere?
Yes, many hospitals have successfully implemented CPOE including many in the Kansas City area. Change is critical to remain competitive in the quickly evolving health care industry. CPOE has been live in the NKCH Emergency Department since 2009.


How will CPOE benefit me if I am not involved in direct patient care?
Departments will receive order requests timely and many orders will have had safety checks.


When will we implement CPOE at North Kansas City Hospital?
CPOE has been live in the Emergency Department since 2009, and is being used for some admission orders and discharge prescriptions and medication reconciliation. Currently the plan for increased CPOE is targeted for Fall 2012.


What is the process for verbal orders after CPOE go live?
While verbal and telephone orders are discouraged whenever possible, the current process will remain unchanged. Verbal and telephone orders will be entered electronically by the unit secretary or nurse, and then sent to your Message Center for signature.


Is there a "drop date" and how will it be enforced?
The "drop date" follows your e-module and classroom training sessions. There are three dates for beginning CPOE depending on your go-live group. The hospitalists go-live first, followed by medicine and then surgery. CPOE adoption by physicians is an expectation of the hospital and medical staff leadership.


It is difficult to find the Medication Reconciliation information in the chart. Will this be addressed during training?
Yes. It is important to complete your e-modules and to attend your CPOE training session. Medication Reconciliation is included in the instruction materials.


Can the education courses be in two 2 hour blocks instead of a single 4 hour block?
Because workflow is an important component to the education content, walking through the entire workflow within one course will be the most effective method. Courses will be as specific to physician workflow, dependent upon specialty, as possible. 4 CME’s will be offered for completing the course.


Will there be evening and weekend classes?
There are evening classes available on most of the education dates. There are no established courses scheduled on the weekends but we are prepared to offer them as needed.


How long are the eLearning modules?
It is estimated that it will take 90 minutes to complete the eLearning modules. 2 CME’s will be offered for completing the eLearning module.


What if I can’t schedule education during my group’s time period?
There are several dates and times offered for each course and a couple of opportunities to take a make-up course.


What about my partner who only comes here every 6 months?
NKCH is committed to offering ongoing support to infrequent medical staff as well as educating physicians who are new to NKCH.


Where do I find more information about CPOE?
Physician Hotline: ext. 7676 or 816-346-7676 from outside the hospital
Physician Class Enrollment: 816-691-1338
Intranet Site: