In December 2012, North Kansas City Hospital implemented the final phase of computerized physician order entry (CPOE). At all stages, Meaningful Use requires a specific level of CPOE adoption for types of orders and automated clinical decision alerts. The goal of meeting these requirements is the improvement of patient safety and outcomes. The Hospital now joins the majority of Kansas City hospitals who have adopted CPOE.

The four-phase conversion process that launched in September 2012 included on-line and classroom training. Over 100 RNs received special training to serve as dedicated support to physicians during each phased implementation.

“We are very pleased with the efforts of our 307 CPOE educated physicians, 37 NPs and 24 PAs,” says Vice President of Quality and Case Management, Judy Springer. “It’s a team effort and adapting to a new system and a new way of thinking takes dedication and tenacity.” We applaud everyone’s efforts in this on-going process including our frontline conversion support staff and our physician providers who added these skills to their daily routine. This team effort expands our ability to deliver exceptional patient care.

If you have CPOE questions or need training contact the CPOE physician hotline at (816) 346-7676, email your question, visit the physician portal.

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