Published on November 01, 2013

System changes impacting clinicians Nov. 18, 2013

  • NOW (North Kansas City Hospital Optimal Workflows )
  • New PACS implementation
  • New ED admission orders process
  • Modify changed to cancel and reorder for medications (except IV rates and PCA) and labs

NOW Training:

  • REQUIRED:   Online modules from an icon on your virtual desktop (approximately 15 min.)
  • OPTIONAL:  To schedule one-on-one training (approximately 30-60 min.) call ext. 1335. 

NOW Details

View screen captures with change details explained

PACS Implementation - Launch PACS from new icon on desktop - training materials to follow

ED Admission orders process - Ability to initiate orders while the patient is in the ED (must discontinue ED Dr plans)

NOW Support - Clinical Liaisons (red RN on badge) will be on the floors with command center for first week

Connecting to your virtual desktop - Learn how to connect to your virtual desktop from home for Windows and Mac.