Guidelines for Sending Patients to North Kansas City Hospital

Guidelines for:

  • ER Referrals

  • CCDU & Direct Admissions

  • Outpatient Services

To ensure patients arrive in the correct location, please follow these procedures when directing patients to North Kansas City Hospital.

  • Emergency Room– Patients who are to be evaluated and treated in the ER should be directed to the ER:
    • 2800 building, northeast entrance
  • Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit (CCDU)– Patients who are to be evaluated and treated in the CCDU by a cardiologist should be directed to the CCDU entrance:
    • 2800 building, north entrance (former ER entrance)
    • CCDU: 816-691-1095
  • Direct Admission– Patients who are to be admitted directly into the Hospital should be instructed to report to the Admissions unit:
    • 2790 building, south entrance, on the 2nd floor of the Pavilion
    • Direct Admissions: 816-691-1584
    • Hours: The Admissions unit is open 7 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours and on weekends, please direct patients to the Emergency Room to be checked in as a direct admission.
  • Outpatient Services – Contact outpatient scheduling at 816-691-5267 for instructions.

Patient parking is available near all entrances.

Admissions Map