New Generation of PACS Introduced

Recognizing the value of efficiently viewing radiology imagery, North Kansas City Hospital has invested in a new picture-archiving and communications system (PACS), which is now available to all physicians who are members of the Hospital’s medical staff.

Imaging Excellence

Phase 1 of this new system went live in November 2013. Users will immediately experience three important benefits:

1. The “thin client option” or “zero client viewer” allows users to view images via a web browser. The new PACS displays clinically accurate rendered images with no software to download, upgrade or maintain, and no hardware compatibility issues. Physicians will experience more uptime, ease of use and faster image retrieval.

2. Mobility is enhanced as images may be viewed on a PC, Mac®, Android®, iPad® or iPhone®.

3. Users will appreciate the Microsoft Word-based report format. Reports are easier and faster to read.


EMR Links Are Clickable

Phase 2, to be completed in spring 2014, includes EMR integration. Clickable, embedded links will appear in Cerner patient records. Clicking these will open a new window and display the images at the study level. A timeline feature is available in the viewer that will allow clinicians to browse through images related to the patient. 

Even more exciting is the vender-neutral archive (VNA) function. This cutting edge technology creates a central repository for all diagnostic images such as cardiology and radiology, and potentially GI, pathology, wound healing, and radiation oncology. All Hospital and Meritas Health office-generated images can be available from one source. Both Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images and non-DICOM images will be archived. Non-DICOM content (text reports, photographs, scanned documents) can all be housed and accessed from one location.

PACS Improves Efficiency


Roger Ivey, MD

Roger Ivey, MD, with Northland Radiology , has been instrumental in developing PACS. “Anyone who uses the new system will find it greatly improved,” he says. “Vastly improved system integration will offer physicians quicker, easier access to images and documents; improving efficiency and saving time and effort.”

With Northland Radiology physicians now staffing Medical Imaging and the new PACS system in place, all physicians will appreciate the homogenous PACS system available in all three imaging locations — North Kansas City Hospital, Tremont and Medical Imaging — and the consistency of one radiology group generating reporting templates.

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