Acute Rehab to Expand

Kala DanushkodiSoon you’ll have even more reason to keep your patients close to home for acute rehab. North Kansas City Hospital will add 18 beds to the Acute Rehabilitation unit this fall, bringing the total to 48 private rooms in what’s already the largest, most comprehensive acute inpatient rehabilitation facility in the city.  "The inpatient acute rehab program is the highest level of rehabilitation care available. I believe that every patient recovering from a serious injury or illness deserves the opportunity to regain function and ease transition back to home,” says Kala Danushkodi, MD, medical director of North Kansas City Hospital’s acute rehab.

“Our program provides a multidisciplinary-based approach to achieve the highest quality rehab outcomes,” she explains. “Additionally, we have a quick and efficient screening process that provides physicians and patients’ families with timely solutions for patient discharge planning.”

Acute Rehab Admission CriteriaTo accommodate the additional patients, the hospital will also add a second rehabilitation physician.

The acute rehab unit provides:

  • 1,800 square-foot gym that includes a real-word front porch and entry
  • A second 540 square-foot recreation room
  • Nintendo Wii™ gaming system to increase balance, coordination and visual perception
  • Fully functional kitchen
  • Two dining rooms
  • Washer and dryer
  • Grocery store to practice the physical rigors of shopping and money exchange
  • Bathtub room
  • Care for dialysis, trachea and bariatric patients
  • A transitional living apartment

North Kansas City Hospital Acute Rehab accepts all commercial insurances.

Survivors and Loved Ones Receive Support 

NKCH’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit runs a free stroke support group that offers a place for survivors, caregivers and loved ones to share challenges, triumphs and personal experiences. Both inpatient and discharged patients and their supporters may attend. The group is coordinated by Acute Rehabilitation in collaboration with several community resources. The meetings are conveniently located at the hospital.

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Stroke Support Group