Password Policy Changes

To increase the security of the North Kansas City Hospital network and computer systems we are implementing a more secure password policy for all users.

What passwords are affected?

lockYour NKCH network/email password will need to change. The target of this policy is the NKCH Active Directory password (also known as the network or email password). By default your Active Directory password is automatically passed through to Cerner (Prod & Mock).

When will this policy take affect?

March 21, 2014

How/Where can you change your password?

Passwords can be changed from any computer connected to the Hospital network by simply pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time then selecting “Change a Password…” and following the prompts. Dedicated “password change” computers will be placed in the cafeteria until March 21. Instruction sheets will be placed by each computer to assist in the process.

How frequent are passwords required to be changed?

Every 180 days

What are password complexity requirements?

  • 8 characters or more
  • Cannot use most recent 3 passwords
  • Have at least 3 of these: upper case, lower case, number and special character 
  • Can’t use username, first name or last name

Can I reuse old passwords?

Old passwords may be reused after 3 unique passwords are used.

For questions or assistance, please contact IT at (816) 691-5141 from outside the hospital or at ext. 4357 (HELP) from any NKCH phone.