New Sleep Center to Open

To meet the rising demand for sleep lab studies, North Kansas City Hospital will open a second four bed sleep center this summer at 8640 N Green Hills Road, Suite 44 & 45, Kansas City, MO 64154 in the Northland. The current four bed lab is located on the hospital’s second floor.


Joseph Henry, MD

Joseph Henry, MD, serves as medical director for the NKCH campus facility and the new Green Hills location. He and Brian Ladesich, MD, partner to manage the studies. Both pulmonologists practice with Meritas Health Pulmonary Medicine and are board certified in sleep medicine.


Brian Ladesich, MD

“The off-campus environment is quiet and offers easy access,” says Dr. Ladesich.

Physicians can refer patients directly to NKCH’s sleep centers and receive the test results or physicians may refer patients to Dr. Henry or Dr. Ladesich.


Sleep Center

Sleep studies may be scheduled at either facility based on availability and patient preference. The newly remodeled center features four rooms; two are equipped with bariatric-rated beds and recliners. To help ensure an accurate study, each room is designed and decorated to resemble a bedroom and the sleep center is fully equipped with cameras and other necessary technology. The new sleep center will be open Wednesday through Friday, but can expand to seven days a week as needed.

Sleep Studies

Sleep TestMost insurance companies require that home sleep testing be completed prior to a sleep lab study. Meritas Health Pulmonary Medicine can assist with both types of studies. When a sleep lab study is required, a full array of Type I studies are available at either location.

Type I Studies

  • Polysomnogram Only Sleep Study is a diagnostic study without intervention. CPAP is initiated under emergency guidelines per protocol.
  • Split-Night Polysomnogram with CPAP/Bi-level Titration as Indicated includes documentation of sleep-related disordered breathing followed by the initiation and titration of CPAP/Bi-level therapy, if sufficient time to implement and titrate therapy is available, as per protocol.
  • CPAP/Bi-Level Titration or Check/Titration Polysomnogram initiates CPAP/Bi-level at the start of the study and titrated as protocol dictates. For an initial titration, there should be a previous diagnostic polysomnogram performed within the previous three months.
  • Post-Op Polysomnogram assesses the benefits from upper airway surgery. If disordered breathing persists, CPAP/Bi-level therapy is initiated, as per protocol.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) determines daytime sleepiness in relationship to sleep disorders, especially narcolepsy. The MSLT must follow a diagnostic polysomnogram. The MSLT is canceled if the diagnostic study demonstrates an untreated sleep disorder.
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) assesses alertness/wakefulness either following therapeutic intervention or complaint of sleepiness. Required most often by Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or railroad industry. No repeat polysomnogram is necessary.

To learn more, call 816-346-7450.