Inpatient Dermatology Consults

Nicholas Rudloff, DO

Nicholas Rudloff, DO

Consults for inpatients with acute dermatological needs are now available at North Kansas City Hospital. Nicholas Rudloff, DO, and Brian Matthys, DO, with Sunflower Dermatology and Medical Day Spa provide the service. “It’s about accessibility and doing what’s best for the patient,” explains Dr. Rudloff. “Patients hospitalized with acute dermatology distress usually require immediate medical attention, and we’re here to offer that added level of specialized care.”

Sunflower’s care model was designed to provide immediate access to care when necessary because many skin disorders can’t wait. “Patients presenting at our office with chronic conditions are also treated expeditiously,” says Dr. Rudloff. “We have the staff, supplies and equipment to best treat dermatology patients in our office. Assessment and treatment starts as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.”

“We believe in the appropriate treatment in the appropriate setting,” adds Dr. Rudloff. “This philosophy led us to offer extended hours and consults for acute inpatient cases at North Kansas City Hospital.”

Leading Edge Teledermatology is an online dermatology service that allows physicians (and consumers) to submit photos for review and feedback by a dermatologist. Sunflower participates as a service provider and recommends it for cases where a physician may like a specialist’s opinion. “It’s straightforward and easy to use,” says Dr. Matthys. “It’s an efficient way to get a dermatology consult without your patient having to make a separate appointment and trip.” Physicians may request a specific specialist. Learn more at