Medical Clinic Joins Meritas Health

Meritas Health RichmondMeritas Health Richmond (formerly The Medical Center) is the newest family medicine practice to join the Meritas Health network. Physicians in the group are:

  • Daniel S. Paul, MD
  • C. Mark Rose, DO
  • John E. Scowley, MD

Elmer Gay, MD, founded The Medical Center in 1954, and Dr. Scowley joined the growing practice in 1988. “We have always had a close affiliation with North Kansas City Hospital, and the time is right to formalize our working relationship,” Dr. Scowley said. “Our clinic has provided Ray County with comprehensive rural medicine for more than 62 years.” The clinic is located at 902 Wollard Blvd., Richmond, MO 64085.

Meritas Health, a subsidiary of North Kansas City Hospital, includes more than 115 primary care and specialty physicians in over 30 locations.

Daniel S Paul, MD

Daniel S. Paul, MD

C. Mark Rose, DO

C. Mark Rose, DO

John E. Scowley

John E. Scowley, MD