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StorkBytes Arrives in January

Go-live: January 9, 2017

Ian M. Rosbrugh, MD, FACOG

Ian M. Rosbrugh, MD,

Accessibility, portability and a more streamlined review and documentation process are what physicians who care for labor and delivery patients at North Kansas City Hospital can expect from the new StorkBytes EMR system. on January 9, 2017.


The new technology links mother-baby charts.

“Currently, we use two unintegrated systems to review fetal monitoring data, track progress notes and enter documentation, which is cumbersome,” said Ian M. Rosbrugh, MD, FACOG, an OB/GYN with Meritas Health Pavilion for Women and physician champion for Powerchart Maternity. “StorkBytes will provide a streamlined process for accessing and reviewing fetal monitoring, contraction monitoring strips, lab work, documentation and other information in one place.”


With StorkBytes, infant charts auto populate with mother information.

StorkBytes users will also see a smoother documentation process and a more mobile-friendly system. “Physicians will have the capability to remotely monitor the status of a laboring patient from their mobile devices,” Dr. Rosbrugh said. “StorkBytes has been a long time coming. Everyone is ready for it to happen.”


  • Training has been scheduled for each physician. Call 816.691.8080 (ext. 8080) if you do not have a training date.


  • On-site support will be available 24/7 for 7-10 days after launch.
  • After the first week, phone support will be available 24/7. For help, call 816.691.8080 (ext. 8080).