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Published on March 01, 2017

Partnership Expands Prenatal Care in the Northland

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Northland Prenatal and Pediatric Clinic

5330 North Oak Trafficway

A new partnership between North Kansas City Hospital and Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center gives expectant mothers in the Northland easier access to care at every stage of pregnancy.

Samuel U. Rodgers healthcare professionals will provide prenatal services until the final weeks of pregnancy. At that time, the clinic will transfer the mother, along with her medical records, to a Meritas Health obstetrician, who will oversee her care and the baby’s delivery at North Kansas City Hospital. After the delivery, mother and baby will return to Samuel U. Rodgers for their postpartum health needs.

North Kansas City Hospital donated office space for the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Northland Prenatal and Pediatric Clinic, which opened in January 2017.

“When our obstetricians have access to the prenatal care and services the mother received, they can provide appropriate care and achieve positive outcomes for both mother and baby,” said Jody Abbott, senior vice president and chief operating officer at North Kansas City Hospital. “Our partnership is a creative way to join forces. We are excited to work with an organization that understands how to support and provide the highest level of services and infrastructure for this patient population.”

Samuel U. Rodgers Rodgers Health has been a leader in providing quality, compassionate health care to the Kansas City community for almost 50 years. The organization’s experienced and dedicated team of board-certified physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff provided medical, dental and behavioral health services to more than 25,000 patients last year. Those patients span in age from infants, children and teens, to adults and seniors.