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Published on May 09, 2017

Thank You for Your Community Support

We appreciate the support of the following physicians who participated in our community events.

Maruthanal_AncyAncy Maruthanal, MD

Dr. Maruthanal, Meritas Health North Kansas City and Club W medical director, presented the Club W event, Live Healthy: Be Fabulous in Your 40s in March. She also shared health tips for women in the 50s during the April Fox 4 Live Healthy segment.

Tina M. Khaleghi, MDTina M. Khaleghi, MD

Dr. Khaleghi, Meritas Health Pediatrics, presented Healthy Grandparents, Healthy Grandkids in March. She discussed the role grandparents play in helping their grandkids develop healthy habits.

Scott L. Knappenberger, MDScott L. Knappenberger, MD

Dr. Knappenberger, Meritas Health ENT, presented Spring Allergies Made Simpler in April. He discussed the latest treatment options, including customized immunotherapy.

Andrea K. Anthony, MDAndrea K. Anthony, MD

Dr. Anthony, Meritas Health Pulmonary Medicine, was featured in the March Fox 4 Live Healthy segment. She provided tips for managing allergies and asthma.

Steven Starr, MDSteven Starr, MD

Dr. Starr, Meritas Health Cardiology, presented to retired Ford employees in March. He described the minimally invasive WATCHMAN procedure, an innovative approach to reducing AFib stroke risk that may also eliminate the need for long-term blood thinners.