Physician Connections 2018

In This Issue - Jan/Feb 2018

Surgery Program Improves Perioperative Care and Recovery

NKCH Poised to Work Within CMS Total Knee Ruling

Neurologist Evaluates NFL Players as Part of Concussion Settlement

NKCH Wellness Program Aims to Build Healthy Workforces

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In This Issue - Mar/Apr 2018

Leadless Pacemaker Reduces Complications, Improves Recovery

Neurologists Gain Ground on Epilepsy Treatment Options

NKCH Expands Imaging Services With State-of-the-Art PET/CT

NKCH Offers On-site Gynecologic Oncology Care, Genetic Counseling

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In This Issue - May/Jun 2018

TAVR Improves Outcomes With Minimalist Approach

Antimicrobial Stewardship Curtails Antibiotic Use, Reduces C. diff, Rates

Echo Detects Cardiotoxicity in Patients Undergoing Cancer Therapy

Shorten Named New Sleep Center Medical Director

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In This Issue - Jul/Aug 2018

HPV+ Head and Neck Cancer Rates Rapidly Rising

NKCH Earns Top STEMI and Chest Pain Center Recognitions

ICMs Help Diagnose Silent AFib and Cause of Syncope

New Parkinson’s Program Improves Patient Mobility and Vocal Strength

NKCH Adds Inpatient Medical Withdrawal Service


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In This Issue - Sept/Oct 2018

Wireless Device Remotely Monitors HF Patients, Reduces Hospitalizations

Clinical Trial Evaluates New Endovascular Aneurysm Sealing System

NKCH Welcomes New Medical Staff President

Dr. Reintjes Jr. Joins Meritas Health Neurosurgery

EHR Upgrade Improves Speech Recognition Speed and Accuracy

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In This Issue - Nov/Dec 2018

NKCH Combats Comorbidities With Glycemic Control Programs

Clinical Trial Examines Innovative Myocardial Infarction Treatment

Behavior Modifications, HRT Help women Manage Menopause

Dr. Tejwani Joins Radiation Oncology Team

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