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Published on July 01, 2018

NKCH Adds Inpatient Medical Withdrawal Service

North Kansas City Hospital recently launched One-Eighty™, a hospital-based inpatient medical service for voluntary patients who want to stop their alcohol, opioid and/or prescription medication use. Admission to the innovative program requires meeting specific medical screening criteria and acceptance by a hospitalist who provides medical care during the acute withdrawal inpatient stay.

Hospitalists follow established protocols to stabilize individuals in imminent or active withdrawal. Nursing staff manage each patient’s withdrawal symptoms and ensure the patient’s safety, comfort and privacy. The average length of stay is three days. The program is not a psychiatric or behavioral care service, and it is not for patients in the advanced stages of withdrawal.

“Substance abuse and misuse is a public health problem in our community,” explained Jody Abbott, a senior vice president and the chief operating officer at North Kansas City Hospital. “It’s a challenge in need of effective solutions, and we believe we can help. People who are ready to turn away from alcohol or drugs can be admitted to North Kansas City Hospital, where we safely manage the withdrawal process that helps them transition to sobriety.”

NKCH is the only hospital in the Kansas City area offering the One-Eighty program. Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans cover the services if approved in advance; private pay also is accepted. Patient admissions are expected at a rate of one to two per day, increasing to three to four per day by the end of the year.

Discharge planning is coordinated by an on-site case manager from One-Eighty. A tailored follow-up plan of care includes referral to the next phase of treatment, such as outpatient rehabilitation and counseling, as well as ongoing care from the referring physician.

Physicians can refer patients to the One-Eighty program by calling 816.691.1180.