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Published on September 01, 2018

EHR Upgrade Improves Speech Recognition Speed and Accuracy

When North Kansas City Hospital needed to upgrade its electronic health record speech recognition technology, it turned to Nuance Dragon® Medical One. After completing an 18-month pilot program, 300 providers now use the cloud-based speech platform to create patient progress notes.

“With Dragon Medical One, users can quickly capture a complete patient story with high quality, accurate speech recognition, thus turning around easy-to-read, thorough notes for any physician with NKCH privileges,” said Todd J. Beardman, MD, NKCH’s chief medical information officer and a hospitalist with Meritas Health Hospitalists.

The upgraded program boosts productivity and efficiency with:

  • Fast dictation at 150 words per minute
  • Intuitive recognition, requiring no speech profile training
  • Secure smartphone access
  • Extreme accuracy, up to 99%

Dr. Beardman likes the convenience of dictating progress notes on his smartphone. “After I walk out of a patient room, I dictate a subjective note about what the patient shared and then go to the next room,” Dr. Beardman explained. “When I get to the end of the unit, I pull up the EHR on a computer. It will already have my dictated note, and then I complete my documentation with other information such as needed tests or medication changes.”