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CareSelect CDS Steps

  1. Open patient chart and add new order
  2. Select CT, MRI, NM or PET order
  3. Select desired indication from common indications list
    • If desired indication is not present, type in the “please select a reason for exam” box to display additional reasons
  4. Review the American College of Radiology evidence pages for selected criteria, close the window and return to PowerChart
  5. Select desired exam, confirm the exam and replace the original exam with a more appropriate exam, if needed
  6. Review order details, complete any additional order information and sign the order
    • Order details reflect the indication selected, a decision support number and an appropriateness score (exams scoring 6 and below will populate the acknowledgement reason and acknowledgement reason comment fields)
  7. Please include the AUC modifier and G code on this Outpatient Order Form prior to faxing to NKCH Scheduling at 816.346.7150. (Direct questions to NKCH Scheduling at 816.691.5267.)

CT head or brain

Imaging Clinical Decision Support

  • PowerChart CDS Steps