Cancer Treatment Options

Once cancer is detected, treatment methods can be as varied as the different types of cancer. Today, cancer patients have more treatment options than ever before.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy remain the most common methods of fighting cancer. Newer approaches are also available to patients through North Kansas City Hospital's comprehensive cancer program.

  • Hormone therapy (drugs or surgery to block cancer-promoting hormones)
  • Targeted therapy (drugs specifically aimed at a marker on cancer cells)
  • Biological therapy (natural and manmade substances to boost the immune system)


Surgery is a powerful weapon in the cancer-fighting arsenal. It's used to:

  • Obtain biopsies to aid in cancer diagnosis
  • Eliminate cancerous tissue to prevent spreading
  • Remove areas of organs, such as the colon, with small laparoscopic incisions
  • Perform outpatient surgeries for procedures, such as lumpectomies, when only the cancerous lump is removed and the breast remains

On the cutting edge of surgical services, North Kansas City Hospital was one of the first hospitals in Kansas City to use the daVinci robot for prostate surgery, a less intrusive and increasingly popular way to treat prostate cancer. Another option is implanting radioactive "seeds" that emit low-energy radiation into the prostate gland to kill the cancer without affecting the rest of the body.

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Therapeutic chemotherapy, which uses drugs to attack and destroy cancer cells, is one of the most common ways to fight cancer. Hospital inpatients and outpatients benefit from chemotherapy administered by certified oncology nurses. Outpatients receive therapy without an overnight stay in our convenient Outpatient Cancer Center.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to slow, stop or destroy cancer cells. North Kansas City Hospital offers advanced technologies, such as intensity modulated radiation therapy and brachytherapy (radioactive implants), to give patients the safest and most effective means of combating cancer.

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