Cardiac Patient Stories

At North Kansas City Hospital, we are proud of the quality of care we give our patients. When you voice your opinion, we listen. Here's what some of our cardiac patients have said about the care they received.

"I would encourage everyone to have the test. It could be life changing, and it is such an easy thing to do."

Jean Miller Read Jean's Story

"We decided we needed to do it, and the offer was a good price for something preventive."

Nick Brown Read Nick's Story

"I can't say enough about the work of North Kansas City Hospital's Cardiac Rehab staff."

Robert Padley Read Robert's Story

"From the minute I hit the door, everyone gave me encouragement, and they took care of my problem."

Tex Othic  Read Tex's Story

"The physicians and staff were very skilled and demonstrated a level of excellence that I wanted for my procedure."

Richard Wheaton Read Richard's Story

"Don't ignore any symptoms. My symptoms of throat and jaw discomfort weren't typical, but together with shortness of breath and arm pain, I knew something was wrong."

Barbara Willt Read Barbara's Story

"I am relieved to get the drug-eluting stent since it has a higher success rate at keeping the artery open compared to a regular stent." 

David Otto Read David's Story

"In the early 1960s, it was difficult to see images on X-rays. Now, you have technology like CT scans and MRIs that provide beautiful images and help diagnose problems much quicker."

Dr. Phil King Read Phil's Story