Local Man Wins the Biggest Race of His Life

Tex continues to exercise to
keep healthy.

The treatment that saved Tex Othic's life began 35 miles away from North Kansas City Hospital. On Sept. 9, 2007, after a day of yard work and a dish of homemade ice cream, Tex sat down to watch television. A burning sensation started quickly in his chest that eventually felt "like a blow torch." He suspected a heart attack and asked his wife to drive him to the nearest hospital 17 miles away.

Quickly he changed his mind and opted for Holt Fire and Rescue just a 1/2 mile away. "It's a decision that probably saved his life," says Mike "Desi" Desautels, the paramedic on duty that night. Desi explains, "In communication with the emergency physicians at North Kansas City Hospital, we performed a 12-lead EKG and identified a massive heart attack in progress." Desi started medications to temporarily open the blocked artery to decrease Tex's pain and save his heart muscle.

To give Tex the best chance at survival, Desi and his partner, Cameron McGee, transported him to North Kansas City Hospital.

"The Northland is fortunate to have the physicians and staff at North Kansas City Hospital to provide lifesaving care day or night," says Michael Farrar, MD, a cardiologist with Meritas Health Cardiology who examined Tex. "Time lost can mean damaged heart muscle."

From the moment Tex arrived in the Emergency Department, only 73 minutes passed before Interventional Cardiologist James Mitchell, MD, also with Meritas Health Cardiology, eliminated his blockage and placed three stents in the artery. Pain relief came immediately for Tex when blood and oxygen flowed freely again through the artery.

North Kansas City Hospital consistently achieves high marks for emergency cardiac care by opening blockages within the 90 minutes or less standard of the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

Tex changed his insurance so he can continue coming to North Kansas City Hospital. "From the minute I hit the door, everyone gave me encouragement, and they took care of my problem," he says.

Looking back on his experience, Tex now recalls feeling unusually tired and a tightness in his chest after mowing one day prior to his heart attack. Tex encourages everyone to seek medical attention if they feel something is wrong.

He's grateful for the presence of Desi and the cardiac care team at North Kansas City Hospital. He left the hospital on a Wednesday and boarded a plan on Saturday to see his grandchildren in Georgia.

Tex led a healthy lifestyle before his heart blockage, but he laughs, "you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family" in reference to heart problems in his father's family. At age 63, the only change he's making is spending more time with his two grandchildren. He will continue exercising, not smoking and keeping his cholesterol, triglycerides and other numbers in normal range, as well as hunting and enjoying the great outdoors.

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