Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit (CCDU)

Our Heart Care Clinic (formerly the Heart Failure Clinic), advanced cardiac imaging services and a dedicated area for people with heart symptoms are just a few of the services that make our Cardiac Clinical Decision Unit (CCDU) unique to the Kansas City area. With 18 patient beds, four outpatient exam rooms, one procedure room and private consultation rooms, we can efficiently and effectively treat you when you need additional diagnostic services or a brief intervention.

In the CCDU, our team can rapidly evaluate and treat:

An Extension of the ER

If you suffer a heart attack, you need quick care for the best outcome. But often, cardiac conditions aren't easily diagnosed and more time may be required for monitoring. Typically, Emergency Room physicians and staff evaluate patients with heart conditions alongside other emergent patients.

At North Kansas City Hospital, we move patients with potential heart issues to the CCDU. This keeps the ER open for emergent patients and provides a dedicated area where patients with cardiac conditions receive specialized care.

The CCDU's specific protocols can shorten your hospital stay because our team evaluates your condition quickly and streamlines your testing. Cardiologists from Meritas Health Cardiology oversee and manage cardiac evaluations.

To learn more, call 816.691.3095.

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