Rapid Response Team

STAT TeamA rapid response or “STAT” (Swift Triage and Treatment) team is a group of specially trained critical care personnel who respond to urgent medical situations. Whether you’re a patient, visitor or employee at North Kansas City Hospital, our STAT team of specially trained healthcare professionals is ready to mobilize immediately, bringing lifesaving care to you when you need it.

Who’s on the STAT Team?

Our STAT team consists of:

  • A nursing supervisor
  • A critical care registered nurse
  • A primary staff nurse
  • A respiratory therapist
  • A pharmacist

Critical Care Close at Hand

Once a STAT alert is issued, our STAT team members rush to you and work together to address your urgent condition. We’ll make sure you get the appropriate care and attention you need FAST.

It’s nice to know you’re safeguarded anywhere on the Hospital campus by a highly skilled rapid response team. We’re ready to provide lifesaving care whenever the need arises.

If you think you need urgent care, notify a nurse or any staff member immediately.

Get information on when to seek emergency care at our online Health Encyclopedia.