Infectious Diseases

If you’ve ever had the flu or pneumonia, then you’ve had an infectious (or communicable) disease. Infectious diseases are caused by germs that spread from person to person through touching, sharing food and drink, coughing and sneezing, sexual contact and even breathing. Insect and animal bites can also cause infectious diseases.

Our infectious disease specialists diagnose, treat and help prevent the spread of bacterial and viral diseases. They work closely with pathologists and medical laboratory professionals to create the most effective treatment plans for their patients.

Diseases We Treat

Disease Prevention

Reduce your risk of catching or spreading an infectious disease by:

    • Following food safety guidelines when preparing food
    • Getting the necessary vaccinations, including those needed for international travel
    • Not sharing personal items, such as toothbrushes and drinking glasses
    • Practicing safe sex
    • Staying home when you’re sick
    • Washing your hands with warm water and soap often or using alcohol-based hand cleaners


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